IBC & Stainless Tote Cleaning

AllSource Environmental have assembled a team of highly qualified professionals possessing all of the required assets to assist our customers for recycling and reconditioning your IBC totes. Given our expertise in logistics, we are able to ensure fast and reliable pickup for LTL and full truckloads. Our treatment facility is a fully permitted RCRA industrial wastewater treatment plant with fully OSHA trained personnel. This guarantees that your totes will be handled correctly and any heels or waste water associated in the washing process will be properly processed and treated.

Once the totes are received at the plant we thoroughly evaluate each individual one. Our trained employees will determine whether the tote is suitable to be reconditioned or be scrapped where it will be 100% recycled. Our process allows us to only place UN/DOT certified IBC totes back into the market. Each IBC totes goes through a rigorous reconditioning and inspection process prior to gaining approval to re-enter the marketplace as a reconditioned tote. With our expertise in the market AllSource Environmental has the ability to provide our customers with custom programs to suit all of their tote requirements.

Whether you are interested in purchasing totes or selling your own totes, we are here to service your needs. Given our intense reconditioning process, we are able to offer our customers aggressive payouts for their used totes. If volume permits, we are prepared to stage trailers and put a swap out program in place. We would love to pick up your full trailer of used empty totes while dropping off a full trailer of our reconditioned UN/DOT totes. Please contact us so we can discuss a program that will suit your needs.

Container Types

Poly IBC Totes:

275 or 330 gal
Poly IBC Totes
  • 6” Lid
  • Ball, Butterfly or Integrated Valve
  • Reconditioned or New Bottle

Stainless Steel Totes:

180-550 gal
Stainless Steel Totes
  • DOT/UN
  • 22 ½” lid

Carbon Steel Totes:

180-550 gal
Carbon Steel Totes
  • DOT/UN

Steel and Poly Drums:

16-55 gal
Steel and Poly Drums
  • Open or closed top
  • Reconditioned or New